About Edwards Skateboards

In 1978, I started Edwards and to think that 32 years later we are still here and even more relevant than ever before is awesome. Over our journey we have adapted our products to fit the landscape but never changed what we are about and that is the pure passion of just getting on a board for the pure “stoke” of going fast, carving and feeling free on a board.

Skating has certainly changed from the days that I picked up my first board, but in 2010 we are bringing back our classic boards to the world. But this is not about super high performance… Its purely about the ultimate dream… The permanent vacation!!!
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Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards started skateboarding in mid 1950s on a Surfer Sam from John Arnold in S.A.. He got the surfing bug at 15 in 1961 and did that solidly until he left for Europe and America in 1968. Frank traveled for 5 years and when he came home there were no Malibus available so he had to wait. Here started the passion where he was ready to sidewalk surf…

 Move forward to 1977 frank swapped a family plastics biz for a plastic skateboard company (Apollo Skateboards which he changed to Edwards). In the course of helping a friend sell a stockpile of them in January of ’77 he realised that business could be fun and profitable if you had a passion for what you are selling. Frank went to Sydney and saw David Hills decks in General Pants, he got Daves address off Tom Isipriss, set up a meeting and got along right away. They set up a design marketing agreement as Frank quickly became aware that David Hill was the best skateboard designer in the world. Russ Howell the world champ at the time used his product and he said he used it just because of that fact “it was the best product in the world”. Frank flew to California and signed Russ up got the Skateboard MAG lined up and then gave Con Colburn of Control Products in Venice beach lined up as our distributor. Next month Edwards and Power Pivot hit the news stands and about a month later were setup world wide as exporters of David Hills Power Pivots, Marketed and Manufactured by BY Edwards Skateboards.


Over the next 3 years Frank distributed Edwards DHD decks, wheels Ramp Ripper, Tracker trucks and then Edwards trucks through out Australasia and Power Pivots through out the world. We introduced the concave deck first, then the center bearing wheel first in the world but both David and Frank hesitated to move to California being local surf boys and the moment passed and so did skateboards as suddenly as it came it went. On the 1st of August 1980 Dave bailed.

 We have had many riders on Edwards over the years with them all being responsible for shaping the brand. Without the history of these guys Edwards would not have held a place in the skating world and be as successful as it has in the past.